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Factory Certifications

A SMETA 2-Pillar audit comprises the 2-Pillar of Labour Standards and Health & Safety and these are mandatory modules for any SMETA audit. It also contains the additional elements of Management Systems, Entitlement to work, Subcontracting and Homeworking and a shortened Environment assessment.

The company is registered to US FDA because it involves the production and distribution of medical devices and garments intended for use in the United States.

Oeko-Tex labels and certificates confirm the human-ecological safety of textile products and leather articles from all stages of production (raw materials and fibers, yarns, fabrics, ready-to-use end products) along the textile value chain.

A partnership between the ILO and IFC focused to improve the working conditions and boost the competitiveness of the garment industry in Cambodia.

Simon Huang, TML’s principle, has 20+ years’ experience in fabric and finished goods production (garments, linens, and napery). He held key executive roles at Medtecs, a global textile manufacturer with production in 5 countries,
preparing project feasibility studies and helping set up Medtecs production facilities in the Philippines, Cambodia, Swaziland, and China. He established U-Net Distributors Corp. as a medical device distribution arm of Medtecs in the Philippines in 1999. Mr. Huang held positions as the manufacturing source for several well-known healthcare and hospitality textile distributors in the USA and was on the global sourcing team with Mr. Scully at Medline Industries. Simon Huang holds an MBA from University of Dallas in Irving, Texas.

Joseph Scully founded INTEX in late 2011. He brings to the company 16 years of successful global textile production and product sourcing, including 8 years as VP of Global Sourcing for Medline Industries. Mr. Scully’s expertise includes proposing, implementing and leading multi-disciplined groups to open a $20M garment manufacturing facility in Cambodia. He has set up Quality Control/Sourcing Operations in Cambodia, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan and has lead a team of 15 product managers, quality assurance personnel and overseas technicians in the development and marketing of the first sustainable MJS synthetic scrub, patient gown and bath towel for the healthcare industry.

David N. Page CLLM – Mr. Page is the Director of Business Development & Customer Service for INTEX/TML. He is a 27 year successful veteran in the healthcare textile industry and former healthcare textile sales executive with Medline Industries. He is trained and certified in healthcare textile applications and is also experienced in healthcare accreditation compliance and linen utilization management disciplines. Mr. Page completed the ALM Certified Laundry Linen Management training program and recently completed his three year recertification. Mr. Page is a member in the following trade associations including ARTA, ALM, IAHTM, AHE and TRSA.

Spinning/Weaving Factory-12years

Factory (China)-5 years

Factory (Cambodia)- 2 year

Garment factory in China/Cambodia